Monday, 14 May 2012

Remember me?

So it's been a while since I last properly posted (excluding my B&M giveaway). I've actually been revising for the first time ever and working stupidly hard on a Photography project I hated - thank god that's over! I'm desperate to get into Leeds University in September so working my but off seems the only way forward really. I've been up to alot recently and figured an Instagram ( @simple_sophie ) post would be the only way to sum up my activities in one.

(L-R) Today's brain food lunch, I love sushi! / Meh face shot / Topshop velvet shorts / New Topshop tee / Revision / More brain food / First time I'd seen the sun in months on my run yesterday / Clean bed sheets / New Delilah Dust bracelet / Fish tail plait / More revision / Trip to Cornwall at Easter / Olbas Oil attacking my cold / Milkshakes with the girls / 'cutey' followed me :) / Random flower head band / Old photos / Lemon Meringue from Graze / Mum leaving us to cook / Dinner! / New animal accessories / Photography project / Cat nails / Graze Box / Marshmellow Fluff / Brain food? / Rainy trip to Leeds & York / Daisy nails / Photography project / Photography coursework / Yummy dinner / Cute underwear.

Thank you for sticking by me the last few weeks! I will be posting more often from now on, but not as much as I had been doing as I still have two more exams to go.

I'm also part of a new exciting launch called 'The Better Blogger Network'. It's a social network designed for bloggers to interact, share ideas, improve their blog, get advice etc etc. The only way I can really describe it is that it's like Facebook but only bloggers join? I'm really excited to be a part of it and my roll is part of the Welcome Committee. It launches tomorrow so get signed up and start interacting haha! See you there!
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