Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Faces #14

 - A late post tonight - been working all day! This is just a random photo of me for my sidebar over there >

- So I had the worst parents evening I've ever had last week where one of my teachers basically told my parents I'm going to fail my A2's. Thank fully this kind of kicked me up the bum and I'm on top of work now - parents seem to think it was a good idea to ban me from any social event/activity.

- Blogging is going to have to take more of a back seat for me during the next few weeks (as a lot of other bloggers are saying!) because of all my coursework deadlines and exams (boo!). But I'm part of an exciting new launch in a couple of weeks which will (hopefully) bring great new things to the world of blogging! ~ watch this space ~

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