Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Faces #13

-  Got home from Cornwall yesterday afternoon after a week of hail, rain, and sun. It was nice to get away and with the family and spend endless evening hours playing board and card games (I'm a legend at Racing Demons but suck at Hearts). We went on some gorgeous coastal walks which didn't treat us kindly but burnt off enough calories each day to munch on pasties and fudge guilty free.

- I used up two films whilst we were there and unfortunately I never realised (due to the exciting and or annoying fact of not being able to see the photo you've just taken) that there was a hair stuck to the lens, so all the photos from the first film have that irritating hair on the left side. It must have blown off though because the second film photos have come out fine! Prepare for some serious film shots spamming on here this week. On the note of spamming .. I couldn't seem to access Instagram at all last week so all of my flics have been posted this weekend - twitter followers I apologise!

- Hope you've all had a good Easter and ate plenty of chocolate and hot-cross buns (my fave)! There are still 5 days left to enter my April Giveaway with two winners!
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