Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Other Outfits: Rachel

I'm starting a new project titled 'Other Outfits' and then the name of the person in question to showcase other people's style. They will all be of people I know and of different ages and gender, just to add a variety of styles to my blog. This is the first in the series of my good friend Rachel who accompanied me on a road trip to Brighton last week.

Rachel has quite a 'skater chic' style which has developed from her love of surfing, skating and long-boarding, with almost all of the items in her wardrobe either a black or grey shade. The occasional flash of colour turns heads and people like me congratulate her on the experimentation out of her dark shade style.

Rachel lives in Vans (I think she has 7 pairs?) throughout the year. However, I witnessed her purchasing a pair of Primark Espadrilles last week and she had a huge paddy over which colour to get - obviously she choose black.

Her main outfit essentials are leggings and skinny jeans - all of a dark colour - and plain camis tops. Rachel also has a number of zip hoodies which all pretty much resemble each other, and sometimes she'll put the cherry on the top of her street style by whipping on a black beanie hat, crowning her the queen of cool. 

Rachel also has a huge obsession over triangles, so we thought this graffiti Brighton wall was appropriate for the shoot, and she jumped at the chance to join the white and black geometric patterns.

I suppose she shops in the same places every other teenager does - Topshop, H&M, Primark - but is not drawn in by anything remotely girly or floaty. You won't find florals or lace in Rachel's wardrobe, but you will find a lot of hoodies, band t-shirts, leggings, skinny jeans and triangles.

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