Friday, 6 April 2012

The Crusting Pipe, London.

I went up to London on Wednesday to meet up with some old friends - Becca and Rachel. I grew up with them before I moved down south about 10 years ago, but thankfully we still keep in touch and meet in LDN for lunch every now and again. We had a wonder around Covent Garden first of all, and there was a display of giant eggs all with a unique design around the market square. After a quick nip around Harrods we went back to Covent Garden for an early dinner in the Crusting Pipe. It was right in the plaza and had an antique wine cellar interior design theme going on. We had a lovely meal of sausage and mash, crab salad, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate brownie sundae. Fortunately it wasn't as expensive as you'd expect and I would definitely recommend it!

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