Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What I'm Wearing 21/03

Dress: H&M  (NYC) / Jumper: H&M (NYC) / Hat: Forever 21 (NYC) / Necklace: Accessorize / T-bar Pumps: Red Herring

I never got round to posting all the things I bought in New York City, but here are a few. The hat was just a spare of the moment thing and the other purchases were inflicted by my friend trying to tell me how much "cheaper" NYC is than British high street stores. This jumper and dress combo is making me look more and more podgy every time I look at the photos :(

Had a really bad day yesterday when everything kind of went wrong, and as I was driving home last night from dance I hit the curb (a bit too hard than I should have done) it felt like my tyre blew up. Had to pull over and call my Dad to come save me as I didn't want to be stared at driving through town with a flat tyre. But when I got home I was welcomed with an offer from Sheffield which means I've got all 5 Uni offers yay! I got a new phone this afternoon as my contract ran out, and after years of swearing I would never go near one, I did the unthinkable, and I'm now a proud owner of an iPhone. How has your day been?

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