Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What I'm Wearing 12/03

T-shirt: Truffle Shuffle / Skirt: H&M / Jacket: H&M / Necklace: Jewellery by Diva / Sunglasses: Primark

Even though it was close to boiling hot yesterday (this is a scheduled post - no I didn't get the date wrong), I couldn't help but pull on some thick black tights. I did risk it though with a short-sleeves top and light bomber jacket. I even took the jacket off when I was eating my lunch outside! ~Living on da edge~

I mainly wear my sunglasses for driving as the sun-reflector flap thing comes down too far in my car (my seat is at it's highest adjustable level) so I can't see the road if I pull it down. I also wear them around school to complete my gangstar look. Just kidding. Idk why but I find sunglasses quite funny, especially as we've just come out of a horribly grey winter, now everyone's wearing them! They make me laugh how people never quite know what to do with them if they walk from a sunny spot to a shady area, and where to put them when they take them off. You have the gawky nerd way of folding them over the neckline of your top so they hang down by your chest (I've done this a regrettable amount of times), or when they balance on your head and you have to keep adjusting them when ever you look down and they slide off. And when guys wear sunglasses, it just looks so weird, like they walk with better swag if they're wearing shades. Anyway, I'll shut up about sunglasses now, as I could also rant about why people wear them in photos...

I've started buying sunglasses cheaply - I'll stretch to £4 - as I have a habit of wearing them in the sea, then loosing them when I get swallowed by a wave. It's happened twice now, in Portugal and Gambia, so if anyone finds some really nice last-season and 2-years-ago Topshop sunglasses on the coast somewhere, send them my love, thanks.

I love this top. It did have cropped sleeves, but I cut them off as they were quite clingy and uncomfortable. There are quite a few designs with recognisable slogans on Truffle Shuffle. My sister first introduced the website to me a few years ago when she found some iconic jewellery pieces on there - her recent purchases include a Jammie-Dodger ring and a bracelet full of random charms like a guitar pick, skull and cross bones, and McD's chips to name a few. I always seem to get "witty" comments when I wear this top, I even had a guy handing out leaflets in town today yell "Hey you, Back to the Future girl!". Do you like Back to the Future? The first film is my fave.

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