Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Faces #9

- This is a weird and grumpy picture of me, haiya!! But I haven't taken any others of myself recently so yeah.

- I went up to Leeds on Wednesday for a quick trip to Leeds Met and then an applicant day thing at Leeds Uni. I love the city so much and can't wait to be living there in September. I still find it surreal that I have an offer from Leeds Uni as it was a long shot applying for it as it's one of the best Uni's in the UK and I loved it so much! Ahhh just got to get the grades now (booo)!

- Yesterday a friend took me to the dance festival 'Move It!'. It was held at Olympia - although she kept calling it the O2 and I didn't have the heart to tell her they are opposite sides of London. Anyway, it was good fun and I enjoyed watching various dance performances and even got to see the English National Ballet perform! It was a long day though and had to work all day today so I'm pretty knackered! Did you have a good weekend?

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