Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Faces #10

- Yay first Instagram on blogger! I've been Instagramming all week (Twitter followers I apologise!) and fighting with the battery on my iPhone - it's rubbish?! But all is well so far, just have to make sure I close down all my apps and turn it off at night - I'm used to having my BB on 24/7 and recharging every couple of days.

- I decided to be a bit arty with my hair for work today as I watched a tutorial for making a bow with your hair (there are loads on youtube). This was the first time I did it and think it worked out pretty well if I say so myself! There are about 15 kerby grips keeping it in place though as I needed it to survive a 6 hours pub shift! It's strange as I have loads of hair (hairdressers always complain) so I thought the bow would be bigger, it looks quite small and cutesy in this picture.

- I travelled up to Leeds Met yesterday for an applicant day thing and really liked it. I was getting slightly anxious because Leeds Uni is the only University I've really taken too, with the others I've seen just not ticking the boxes. However, the trip yesterday was definitely worth while and the campus I'll be studying at is in Headingly which is a beautiful site and is rather similar to a stately home (I tweeted a photo)!

- Unfortunately the only sun I got to enjoy today was whilst taking food and clearing tables! Did you enjoy the sunny warm weather today?

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