Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mother's Day Treats.

Sorry for not blogging the last week, I've had to put it second to school work as I've got a lot to do at the moment. Also never got round to doing my usual Sunday Faces post :( That was mainly because I was super busy on Sunday and just didn't have the time. I spent the morning with my mum, and my sister made us a yummy seafood risotto for lunch. After that I went to work which was manic as we had 291 booked for lunch alone - let alone dinner! When I got home I just crashed, I was so tired!

This is what I gave Mum for Mother's day on Sunday. She's quite an amateur when it comes to using a computer. Even the basic stuff she needs my help with as she sold her company at the end of last year and now going alone, therefore she's got to learn all the skills and tricks her secretary used to do. So I figured I'd make her some easy to follow guides for the basic skills she needs to use every day. And what better picture to use than one of Harry Styles?

After leaving these orange flavoured flapjacks in the oven for 30 minutes too long, they turned out surprisingly well! I don't particularly like them as they have a very strong orange flavour which is a bit acidy, especially with the marmalade paste on top. But nonetheless Mum loves them! They crumbled quite a bit when I scraped them out the pan and haven't stuck together very well, but they're not crunchy or hard to bite which is what I was dreading.

What did you do for Mother's Day?

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