Monday, 5 March 2012

Guest Post for Haute Future.

So I mentioned about writing a guest post for Haute Future on last night's Sunday Face's. Gabriella actually posted it last night so it's up for all of you lovelies to read! It's about my personal experience wich acne and what products I use and how and if they work. Obviously it's quite a personal post as I've had to overcome the fact that acne is a 'dirty word' in the bloggesphere and just completley opened up about how long I've suffered with it and simple lifestyle changes I've had to make. So if you suffer with a similar skin illness, or simply want to know about some belmish-fighting products that I promise will work (!) - then head over here.

Haute Future is a great read with some chatty but informative pieces. I was more than happy to help Gabriella Sofia out as she is taking some time off blogging and needed some followers to keep her beautiful blog going!

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