Monday, 26 March 2012

Blog Spring Clean.

I've been changing and tweeking various parts of my blog today trying to give it a more simple yet sophisticated look. However, I'm not winning - html and blogger are out to get me, no joke, and the most I seem to have done is changed the theme, colours, and added social networking buttons up there ^. Another thing that makes the design part of blogging a hinderence for me is the apparent low quality resolution on my laptop. I thought it was perfectly fine until I used the home computer a couple of days ago and realised how messy my blog looked with shadows here there and everywhere that don't actually show up on my laptop! The good news is over the past week I've been making changes to my Tumblr page and I'm actually really pleased with how it looks at the moment. So feel free to head over there whilst I argue with template designer for the rest of my evening!

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