Saturday, 3 March 2012

Afternoon Tea?

When we had that beautifully sunny day on Thursday, a couple of friends and I went to this cute cafe Juliets for tea and cake in the afternoon. They only sell homemade produce of cakes, salads, cous cous, and other summer-time picnic foods.

I had a yummy slice (more like a chunk!) of banana loaf but was let down by the cream cheese or whatever type of icing that contains some kind of cream and cheese! I'm really not a fan of cheese or creamy things so wasn't too happy when I ate a typically-Sophie-big-slice of banana loaf and icing and could only taste cream/cheese! Fortunately I was able to eat around the icing haha. Louise had a slice of lemon and poppy-seed cake which was delicious and Hannah had a slice of carrot cake which also had the cream/cheese icing!

We had a lovely afternoon chatting and enjoying the sun, and the idyllic interior of the cafe just put the cherry on the cake (see what I did there).

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