Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What's in my bag; Going out.

When I say 'going out', I mean a girly movie night, lunch with mum, nip out for milk and juice, or dance on Monday and Tuesday, as well as the typical night out on the town. I have a few different bags for different occasions so I didn't want to just write about one in particular - I love them all!

01 I really love this bag, but I don't use it that much as I've found it can sometimes dress up an outfit too much, and I'm worried I'll ruin it. It's real leather and has quite a brittle frame so doesn't collapse when you put it down. The plum-purple colour is so gorgeous and refreshing compared to the other tones of blacks and tans I usually go for. I would use this for a lunch date, going out for dinner, or meeting friends. I have posted about it before here.

02 This is a cheap Primark small satchel bag. It's lasted a lot longer than I expected as I use it quite often for quick trips out to the shop, and my dance school. It has a couple of side pockets which are useful for kerby grips and chewing gum and it's usually full of wrappers and old tissue packets! It has a small holdall handle, and a long shoulder strap as well which is the one I use most often.

03 This is possibly my favourite bag that I've ever owned. Despite being inconveniently small, it is perfect for nights out and birthday parties. It has a pink silk lining inside and is black velvet on the outside - hense why it collects so much dust! I love the detailing around the edges and the tassells on the flap. It has a tiny inside pocket which just about fits in my phone. If I use this bag I have to use a smaller purse to enable me to fit all my other bits and bobs in the bag!

04 This is my purse from Cath Kidston. I particularly wanted this one as it's quite big so can fit my various cards and vouchers and ton of change in. I wanted one ever since my sister got one! It's also a waterproof material so can survive the numerous times I manage to spill something in my bag! Being chunky has it's ups and downs; it's very easy to find when you're at the till searching through your bag, but also doesn't fit very well in smaller clutch bags. I tend to use a smaller purse for a night out.

05 My trusty Blackberry! Everyone seems to moan at how Blackberry's always end up breaking or going faulty - but any problem I've had is always fixed by just turning it on and off again. The main reason I use this is for the BBM service. I text waaay too much (I once went over my text limit by 1200!) so as BBM is free, I use it all the time instead of texting. I'm not one of those people who 'can't live without their phones' - I like to seperate myself from social networking and have some 'me' time in the evenings and on holiday.

06 I never go anywhere without a pack of tissues! I probably have about 12 packets around my room in various bags. When it's cold and windy my eyes tend to cry a lot so a tissue is always needed! And I have a tendancy to miss my mouth when it comes to feeding time (I'm actually 5 years old) so I can use a tissue to clean all the food that's fallen into my lap! Also with chocolate - if you follow me on twitter you'll have seen this comment - I always manage to get it around my mouth and in the corners of my lips, and I'm a chocoholic so a tissue is always handy! I'm such a Mum I know!

07 This is my favourite lipstick from No. 17. I love it so much I accidently bought it twice! I have no idea what it's called as the writing has rubbed off the label. But it's quite similar to the colour of my lips but a little more peachy/pinky and glossier. It's a moisturising one so it doesn't dry out my lips which is great for me, and makes it really easy to quickly apply it - perfect for nights out!

08 I don't know what I'd do without my Carmex! I used to use Vaseline all the time, but I found it just provided a shiny/greasy layer on my lips and never actually moisturised them properly. I chose the tube Carmex as it's really easy to apply with the rounded applicator. You know it works because I often get a tingling sensation! It also has a nice feel to it and doesn't leave a greasy layer for hours after application. I use it throughout the day as my lips get really dry.

09 Your average compact mirror. I don't use a mirror that often as I'm not too fussed about what I look like during the day, and on a night out I just pop to the toilets anyway. This is sort of a 'just-in-case' item, for example, if I have food in my teeth or have fluff in my hair (you'd be suprised at how often this happens) or to re-apply my lipstick.

10 My keys. This includes my car, house, back door, locker and a friend's house (don't ask) key! When I went to NYC I made sure I bought a tacky key ring as I love them and wanted a suvenire that wouldn't just sit on a shelf for years. My elephant key ring is from a school trip to Gambia I went on last November, and I got the wooden lady on my family holiday to South Africa last summer. I don't know what my family are doing 24/7, so I always like to carry my house key incase someone isn't in. And I need my keys anyway if I'm driving.

Do you have similar items in your bag?

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