Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Faces #5

- I've been really busy this weekend, had people round last night so was cleaning up all morning then had work 1-6 then packed for my NEW YORK trip, only just sat down now! So that is why I've posted practically the same photo from yesterday's post just a little zoomed in.

- I leave 8:30am tomorrow, to be at Heathrow for 11:30 and then flying around 3pm. We're arriving Monday evening and after a quick freshen up at the hotel, we'll be heading straight to the Empire State Building. Being 5 hours behind, we will be trekking round NYC at what our bodies think of as 1am. Bring on the Jet Lag. Obviously I'm super excited, just worried I've forgotten something as mum isn't here to read off her check list!

- I get back next Saturday, and haven't had time to organise some scheduled posts so expect a serious lack of blogging!  Have a good half term/week see you when I get back!

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