Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Faces #4

- I was planning on uploading a photo of the new friend I built made today. I felt it was only suiting to have a generic photo from the snow as it has been the highlight of my day. But unfortunately my sister's photography skills aren't up to scratch so the photos of me and Mr.Snowman are too grainy and dark. So instead, this a photo my friend took of me for her photography project of Coulrophobia.

- I love the way she has angled the shot and how the wind is blowing my hair across part of my face - makes me seem more intimidating? And the colours from the costume are so bright and friendly compared to the harsh expression painted onto my face.

- Had a busy week as I predicted a few posts ago, and another busy one to come before I jet off to New York! Been at a family friend's all weekend which has been really good fun. Went out in the very early hours of this morning to have a snowball fight in the dark (if you follow me on twitter you probably saw pictures)! Thankfully we made it all the way home as the M25 was pretty empty but had had enough traffic on it to clear the roads.

- Have you been enjoying the snow today?

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