Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New York Day 2.

01 + 02: NYC Sky-scrapers 03: NYC Public Library 04: Archaic architecture 05: Yellow cabs 06: American flags 07: Louis Vuitton

We were all badly jet lagged on day 2 (remember this was last week, I'm home now!) so we all had a rush of adrenaline when we were walking through the NYC streets, and the exhaustion suddenly hit us about 11am. I spent most of this day with two SLR's wrapped round my neck - my digital and film - so was fulfilling the tourist look. 
I don't think you can get a real feel for the sheer size of the buildings until you are there. Literally every other building is a sky-scraper - not like London where they are mainly in Canary Wharf. There are over 80 floors in the Empire State building and as you travel up in the lift (thank god!) your ears pop from the change in pressure. It makes you feel quite small, like an ant, however not intimidating like I find London can be. 
Hardly anyone drives in NYC which is why there are so many yellow cabs. The only other vehicles tend to be huge 4x4 BMW's or blacked-out-window saloon cars, because you have to be rich to drive, considering it costs more to park than rent an apartment in NY. 

There doesn't seem to be one road/avenue that contains all the designer or high street shops like Oxford street. They are dotted around all over the place, although tend to locate near Times Square. I found this strange and made shopping a lot more stressful as it took about 20mins to get from one shop to the other!

We also went to Central Park which was about a 40 minute walk from where we were staying. I didn't take any photos though because it was quite grey and gloomy as the trees were dead and the sky was over-cast. The park is huge. In fact it's probably bigger than the village I live in!

More tomorrow!

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