Friday, 20 January 2012

Violent Lips

I took these photos as part of my photography project on consumerism. I found out about these transfers on various blogs and thought they would look great using colour-keying on photoshop. They've worked really well and I'm definitely pleased with the result. Although being slightly fiddly to get on (have to cut them to the shape of your lips), they were easy to wear with no irritations or drying of the lips. Also remember to use baby oil to remove them - I didn't have any so ended up having to pick them off which took a while! I would definitely recommend them for a night out as they stayed on really well and don't come off if you put Vaseline on or eat/drink. However, I feel they are a little pricey to be buying regularly at £10 from Claire's Accessories, even though you get three in a pack. There are a huge range of different patterns to choose from varying from leopard print to 'Birthday Girl' ones! 

 Felt like a mum this afternoon picking up the girls from school! My car is all better now (fingers crossed!) after the engine cutting out on wednesday as I stopped at a Zebra Crossing - not the most convenient of places to stop ha! Thankfully I managed to restart it after 10 minutes and made it home in one piece. 
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