Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Faces #2

- This is one of the photos from a photoshoot I did for a friend earlier in the week. I think it looks pretty cool, but no idea why it's poor quality when it's bigger because it was taken on an SLR? Annoying. She wanted to get some similar photos to that of a Calvin Klein ad campaign back in the 70s.

- Spent most of this weekend working (waitressing) so my feet are red and sore and blistered, yum! But just thinking of the money! Only one more 1-6 shift today then I can have a break for the week yay! I actually quite enjoy my job. The pub has a really good reputation and the food really is delicious - upmarket pub grub. So there's a really good atmosphere as the customers want to be there and enjoy their food and the chef's are very organised with getting the meals out on time and making them look gorgeous. I also really get on with the rest of the team which makes a change from where I used to work! What do you do?

- Oh and I reached 100 followers on twitter this week woo!

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