Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Faces #1

- So I've been thinking about doing a routine post once a week about either something that has interested me, or something I've done during the week/month. This is week one and you get a photo of my face - lucky you! I figured I have cropped my face out of most of my photos as I would rather you payed more attention to my outfit than watever facial expression I was pulling! So yeah, this is what I look like.

- I spent the day at dance rehearsing for our West End show in a couple of weeks - so excited! I've finally got to grips with the whole dance and our outfits look really cool haha. We're doing a hip-hop routine to a remix of 'Earthquake' and we've got pom-poms to go on the front of our leotards so we look like clowns (but in black and white). Expect photos!

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