Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Graze Box #3

Contents of Graze Box / Banana Split / Cranberry and Honey Granola / Pina Colada / Bonnie Wee Oatbakes

To be fair, I was a little disappointed with this Graze Box. There wasn't really anything that made me think 'ooh yum!'. However, I haven't cancelled my account yet, just keeping my fingers crossed for Thursday's one!

The Banana Split sounds delish "Bananas, cashews & Belgian chocolate rice puffs" and I love banana split so was looking forward to it. However, I found the dry bananas quite sickly as well as the chocolate rice puffs which didn't really taste of much. It wasn't an overall fail, I just shouldn't have got my hopes up as inevitably anything that's delicious in the first place will not be the same in the healthier version!

The Granola really tasted of muesli. I felt I should pour milk into the punnet and eat with a spoon. I was surprised though at how much taste it actually had, especially as I'm not an almond lover. I keep having to remind myself that these are nutritious and healthy snacks, so I shouldn't be expecting the world's tastiest food! 

My favourite was probably the Pina Colada, mainly because I love dried fruit. I sometimes find that dry fruit can be quite chewy and unpleasant to eat, but the mango and pineapple pieces here were quite squidgy and full of flavour. 

The Bonnie Wee Oatbakes were definitely an anti-climax. They look really tasty and filling, but they were actually quite dry and similar to cardboard. The caramelised onion marmalade made a suitable accompaniment, but that too didn't have many pleasing qualities about it as it just seemed to be chopped up onions in a brown sauce that kept falling off the oatbakes.

Overall I wasn't terribly impressed, but this helps me to ensure I get snacks I would like in the future. I can easily access my account to 'rate' my box and tell Graze what I don't want to be sent again and what I do want to receive. 

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