Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Graze Box #1

Contents of the Graze Box / Salsa Mexicanos / Florentine / Chilli and Lime Pistachios / Orange and Ginger Flapjack

Yay my Graze box arrived! I signed up at the weekend as I was lucky enough to receive a promotional code, so my first box is free and second half price. I don't know if I will continue paying for the others, they're only £3.79, but it depends how much I like my first two. 

When you set up your account (very quick and simple) you are given an option of which box you would like; a nibble box or a nutrition box. I chose a nibble box. You are then given a list of the different snacks you can receive including home-made bread, flapjacks, olives, nuts and more. This enables you to 'bin' any of them you don't like and rate the ones you do like.

As well as the four snacks within the box, there was a welcome leaflet and also information about which ingredients are in each of my snacks and how healthy they are. This is great as you can decide which ones you will keep as a snack for tomorrow or which ones you can eat now! Of course I ate them all within 20 minutes. I liked all of them and especially the cheeky dark chocolate buttons in the Florentine (there was more but mum took a great handful before I could take a picture) as I'm defiantly a choco-holic! The Flapjacks were a little disappointing as there was no real flavour of orange or ginger. The Pistachios were delish as well as the Salsa Mexicanos! 

I defiantly feel £3.79  per box is good value. This includes the postage and packaging service as well as the 4 snacks in the box.

I really would recommend this service as it's a great way to try out some healthy snacks compared to the cakes and biscuit rubbish I usually eat! It was also very easy to set-up and chose which snacks I wanted, and on top of all that, everything you receive in the box is recyclable! I have some promotional codes so if you would like to get your first box free then tweet me and I'll get back to you.

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