Monday, 30 January 2012

"The Collar Craze"

DIY Tutorial from The Chriselle Factor

Feminine collar's seem to be popping up here there and everywhere at the moment, so I thought this cute tutorial of how to make your own chic collar's would be ideal. I personally love layering a patterned collared blouse underneath a simple knitted jumper, or visa versa, so will definitely be trying this easy DIY trick!

Cutting off collars from shirts means that you don't have to like the shirt or for it to fit you etc, all you need is the collar. This makes it cheap as well as I'm sure you will be able to find shirts in your local charity shops for under £10. Then all you need is to find a bit of old jewellery (in my case that's very easy) you no longer wear for example a beaded necklace or diamante bracelet, or even some loose buttons. If you don't have anything suitable at home, then I'm sure a craft shop or C&H Fabrics will have some interesting studs or beads you could buy cheaply.

It might seem quite fiddly, but I think it's definitely worth it considering you could be paying £40+ for shirt's like this one from Lipsy and this one from Urban Outfitters with embellished collars.

I also think it's a really cute video with a great backing track from Quadron. Visit Chriselle's blog for more DIY ideas.

Hope this helps with some outfit ideas!

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