Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bambi and Manson

Bambi and Manson are a company created by a couple - Polly and Jim. The idea for its set up was so that Polly could finally have the perfect denim shorts she's always wanted! And she was kind enough to share this idea with us (hooray!) by providing a selection process when you order your custom-made shorts. I found out about this clever idea through a few celebrities posting on twitter (Chloe Green, Amy Childs, Gabriella Ellis).

You can chose the style, the colour, the size, whether you want studs, rips or dip-dye. All the options are here to get a 'Custom Shorts Quotation'. They also offer a handy 'Instructions' box so you can tell Bambi and Manson exactly how you would like them.

Prices start at £40 - for the ready made shorts - but I haven't yet 'custom made' my own so I am not sure how the 'Custom Shorts Quotation' compares with this. All the shorts are handmade in either London or Berlin so guaranteed to be good quality and hopefully exactly what you want!

When I've organised my pay check into a petrol, food, going out and school pile, I will hopefully have enough in my clothes pile to finally custom make my own!

Hope you enjoy looking though these cool and quirky designs as much as I did!

(This is not a sponsored post)

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