Monday, 19 December 2011

Tings and Wings

1.  Yummy chocolate cake my sister made 2. Chocolate cheesecake muffins with jelly tots, curly wurlys and icing to make the reindeer faces 3. Yay finished my christmas present wrapping 4. New nail varnish I'm in love with (expect a review)

3 days until I go skiing wahoo! Currently watching Love Actually which has to be one of my favourite films ever, and usually watch it about 5 times every christmas with Dad. I could probably recite the whole film to you line for line. I've spent the weekend eating christmas lunches and making conversation with the elderly members of the family. Joy. Out to London tomorrow with the family (if you read my diary dates page you'll know why!) and slipping in an early morning driving lesson - only 3 more before my test aahhh (help)!

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