Monday, 12 December 2011

What I'm Wearing 12/12

Jumper: Jack Wills / Dress: Desire Clothing  / Rings: jwlry Topshop

I went through a major Jack Wills Phase a couple of years ago and used to be one of those kids who wouldn't step out the house without something JW on. I grew out of the phase after just over a year when I realised the quality didn't match the overpricing. I've sold most of my clothes on ebay but this is the only jumper I have left from there and also some fleece trackies. I've had to tuck it under at the bottom as it comes down quite long. I love this dress with the cat print and lace collar and I remember it was quite cheap - £10 I think?! Definatley worth the money! 

We decorated the house and tree this weekend which has finally got me into the Christmas spirit! My auntie came round so we had roast gamon (om nom) for lunch with all the trimmings and crackers and too much alcohol and card games and afternoon tea and then watched Elf. Kind of felt like Christmas day - minus the presents. 

P.S I look really different in the top pictures, not sure what's going on there.
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