Thursday, 1 December 2011

What I'm Wearing 01/12

Blouse: Mum's / Skirt: ebay / Belt: With skirt / Necklace: Charity shop / Rings: Accesorize Topshop

Wore this blouse to school today (hense the creases!) and my friend told me I looked like her English teacher - Mrs Bursey. She also told me I looked like a lesbian when I was wearring my green corduroy skirt (below) instead of this one. Yaay. I only ordered this 'wine' coloured skirt 2 days ago and it's already arrived :D It's a little longer than I had imagined but I love it and know I'll wear it alot. Good value for the price too, even if it's a little big (even though I bought a size too small).

My hair needs dyeing asap.
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