Sunday, 4 December 2011


I was given this Moya hand and heel therapy cream when I was on holiday and it's been sat on my desk waiting to be used. It looks huge in the picture but I've only got a 25ml pot of the moisturiser which infact works incredibly well. I love prodcuts that contain Jojaba Oil and find they are always hydraiting and kind to my skin as it is very sensitive! It contains Zinzibar, Patchouli (?) and Lavender essential oils which gives it a pleasant fragance - however, I'm not keen on lavender scents and would much rather lather myself in some good old Body Shop body butters! Although this moisturiser isn't slimey like some and it is instantly absorbed which means you don't have to wipe your hands 5 minutes after because they're clammy (!). Voila my hands are noticeably smoother and the larger pot is a very reasonable price.
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