Monday, 5 December 2011

What I'm Wearing 05/12

Skirt: H&M / Top: Topshop / Cardigan: H&M / Jewellery: Urban Outfitters jwlry Primark

Firstly, I don't think these heels go but they are so uncomfy the only place I can wear them is in my house, so voila. I love this leopard print skirt. I've got a lot of plain tee's and jumpers which match really well and it's great to layer over the top with sweaters and scarves for the chillier days! My ears can't really manage heavy duty 'dangly' earrings, so these are the only ones I have and I can't stop wearring them. I like the very simple urban design and they are very light so my ears can cope! I don't usually buy jewellery from Primark as I find it tends to discolour or fall apart (cheap and cheeful!). However, this snake necklace is as good as new and I've had it for at least six months now - very impressed. 

I've spent most of today sorting out my blog and branstorming what I'm going to write about this week and which products I still need to review. Definatley heading to the gym later to get rid of this energy I've gathered from sitting down all day!

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